Chrissie’s Home Made Lovely

Chrissie’s Home Made Lovely

Hey y’all!  My name is Chrissie Grace and I blog over at inHISgrace
I’m married to my best friend and we have five kids together.  My step-son is in college, and we have four still at  home.

My family lives in a modest 1900 square foot home in central Florida that I am so excited to share with you! I can’t tell you how humbled I am to share it with you, so thank you Heather for having me!

Chrissie’s Home Made Lovely
We have dreams of living on some land, or on the beach someday.  I have dreams of having a large space to run my business from…a huge creative space to be exact.  But for now, this is our home and we love it.  It may be a little small for us, but we make it work.  I am constantly moving things around to best accommodate whatever stage we are in our lives.  It is never a dull place!

For me, home is a safe haven.  It’s a place where many memories are created.  It is where we break bread together, celebrate together, and learn how to love each other better every day.
I love color, and I try to surround ourselves with art, photos, and mementos that just plain make us feel good.  I like quirky things too, that show our sense of humor.  I also crave a simplified, clean home, so I rotate things a lot.  I’m not kidding when I say I make Goodwill donations at least once a month.  I can’t stand too much clutter. I create a lot of our home decor, but I am also a huge fan of thrift stores, hand-me-downs, other artists I admire, DIY projects, and the occasional splurge on items that I believe are worth the money.

So, lets get started in my foyer!

When you walk in our home, the first thing you see is this huge mural that I painted last year.  The wall measures about 5 feet by 9 feet.  I didn’t have a plan when I began… I just started drawing and filling it in.  I used all craft acrylic paints.  If we ever move, all we have to do is prime and paint.  It is one of my favorite things about our home!

Next is our piano wall.  So far, only one of my children plays the piano.  Our neighbors gave us the piano when we moved in over eight years ago, and I held onto it hoping that one of my children would take to it.  My eight year old son Ashton takes lessons and plays beautifully.  I love to hear piano music trinkling through the house. The banner was made here, “hey y’all” is available here, I painted the lamp, and the piano painting was a thrifted find.