Calling all list makers

calling all list makers

Are you a list maker?

I tried for a long time to give them up, but the list maker in me just couldn’t do it. I thought if I ditched the lists it would make it easier to actually do the things in life that made my heart sing, rather than only what was on my to do list, but somehow the laundry didn’t seem to get done or the shelves dusted.  I began to feel more frazzled than I ever was before.  I learned the hard way that it’s tough to be intentional about your life when you’re preoccupied with trying to remember everything it takes to run a household.

calling all list makers

So, I decided to create a happy place between those two very different worlds. Welcome to my happy place friends…..

My pretty printable daily calendar. Where the world of schedules, tasks, and intentional living all happily coexist. Where there’s space to list all the important daily stuff like washing the dog, along with space to list the also important daily stuff of living an intentional life like having a picnic on the sunshiney front porch with my two year old.

You can download the printable here. P.S.  I made this happy printable to fit a regular old sheet of 8.5×11 paper so it’s truly easy to use. Welcome to my happy place friends.  I hope you like it here as much as I do.