Books for Buttons

I want nothing more then to fill every PICU on the planet with kids books, but for the time being I’ll start with two hospitals; Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Arizona and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach in California.  I want to keep their shelves filled with books, and because of the high volume of patients that circulate through the PICU, that means we’ll need a lot of them.  That’s why, as of April 1st, I will begin hosting sponsors on my blog.  Instead of being paid in cash though, I’ll take my payment in the form of new children’s books please.

Books for ButtonsI’ve created wish lists for each hospital so that all book orders will be sent directly to each location.  It’s books for buttons.  You buy books to be sent to the PICU and I’ll put your button up on my blog and advertise your shop or blog.  And because I want this to be successful for everyone involved, I’ll screen all sponsor inquiries to be sure they are a good fit for my readers.

250 x 75px size ad

$25 (or more) of books for one month


$40 (or more) of books for two months

*I designed the pricing options to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping.

If you are a shop or blog owner I hope you’ll consider advertising on this little blog of mine. You’ll not only be advertising your goods, but you’ll be helping me to spread comfort and hope in a very real and lovely way. If you’re interested in learning more please email with Books for Buttons in the subject.