Bloggers Guide to Summer- Bored No More

Bloggers Guide to Summer- Bored No More

Our first guest post for today comes from the fabulous…Meg is one of my all time favorite bloggers. She’s creative, genuine, and an amazing photographer. And She’s been to Africa. Plus, I absolutely adore her decorating style. Heather asked me to share an idea for a great summer. i tried this last year and it was the highlight for everyone. try it….your kids will love it.

Bloggers Guide to Summer- Bored No More

My kids were saying they were bored. I told them to get their swimsuits on and finish their lunch. “why?!” “what are we doing?!” ‘”where are we going?!” “it’s too cold to swim!” I answered “just do it”.

I sprayed it all over our patio table and called them outside. they were in disbelief. that they could play IN it…and get it on them.

Bloggers Guide to Summer- Bored No More

I said “yes. use it all. go crazy” they did. I highly recommend this activity to you. I ended up giving them all 9 cans I’d bought. I said many many times “don’t get it in your eyes!” I thought my kids would like it but they LOVED it. They had the BEST time.

Bloggers Guide to Summer- Bored No More

I hosed them down when they were finished. Turned on the sprinklers to clean the yard. Sprayed down the patio. done. $11 well spent.

Thanks for the idea kristin.
Trust me when I say this…

Meg is right!

This is a must do!

I did it with Henry and it blew his sweet little mind.

I let him go crazy with one can and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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