A Foodie I am Not- A Recipe Link Up

I thought it was funny how many people thought I was kidding when I tweeted last week about actually making a dinner that was worth saving the leftovers from.  I wasn’t.

I am not good in the kitchen, but I never really had to be.  That was always my hubby’s thing.  He loves to cook and so he was the chef of the family, but with changes in his work schedule that responsibility has now been handed over to me.  Slowly I’ve been finding my footing in the kitchen (thanks to Betty Crocker) and along the way discovering how fun it is to create yummy healthy food my family wants to devour.

Now that I’m feeling a little braver I wondered if you had a recipe or two, or even ten, that you might want to share with me.  I’m looking for something that the whole family can eat.  Something that your family loves to eat.  Something that won’t intimidate this beginning cook.  Something that definitely wouldn’t be published in a  foodie magazine.  So what do you say…can you help a girl out???